Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Memorial -- Yoakum Fire Department

The Yoakum Volunteer Fire Department set up this ladder truck on 9-11-11 as part of their 9-11 Memorial. I like it very much.

Montgomery-Waller Fire Near Houston

This view was taken on IH10 at the exit for 99 or Grand Parkway, on the west side of Houston.  The big cloud you see is not clouds, it is heavy smoke from the Montgomery-Waller fire northwest of Houston. Here the sun is starting to slip behind the cloud. It soon disappeared from sight and soon came out the bottom again. I drove right on through that heavy smoke and came out clear again on the other side. This was taken on Wednesday after Labor Day 2011.  This fire was not as big as the Bastrop fires were but it was big enough and did lots of damage in the Montgomery County area.

The Wildfires around Bastrop

Smoke hanging in the horizon from the 2011 Labor Day fires around Bastrop, Texas. This view is looking east-southeast from US 183 somewhere around the area where US 21 crosses it. If you look close you can see smoke rising in the distance from what I believe to be the Delhi fire. This view was taken Labor Day 2011 fairly late in the afternoon.