Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Good Year for Hay

Hay field along US 59 near George West
This year with all the spring rains was a good year for hay in Texas; if you could get it cut with all the rain that was falling. Well the rain has diminished and we would be happy to see another rain. But I am seeing a lot of fields like this one along US 59 near George West with lots of hay bales in it.

City of Freer Texas

Freer Texas
Looking down the main drag west to east of Freer Texas as you approach the city from the Laredo side.

This town has an annual rattlesnake roundup every March. A large concrete rattlesnake greets you as you approach the city from the east.

The first oil well in Texas was drilled here in 1860.

For more information on this city, Click here.

Freer Texas area

Texas 44 near Freer Texas
I travel this road occasionally. It goes right through the heart of the typical countryside you will see coming from Laredo and the border area going east.   This was taken a few miles from Freer on a summer afternoon in August.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scenes of Yoakum Texas

 Yoakum is a railroad town. There are still old buildings along the tracks that were used in years past but are no longer in any particular use. These are old packing sheds that are still kept in repair. in tomatoes. Yoakum used to be a big tomato growing area.
The current library is in this building across the street from the packing sheds and the railroad. It is an old power building or something and it has been refitted to be the library. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hackberry, Texas

The historical marker at Hackberry
Hackberry is one of those communities that somebody like me wouldn't even know was there unless there was a marker for it. But here is the marker, along Farm to Market Road 531 in Lavaca County south of Schulenburg.   I will include another photo of the area as seen from the highway looking east from this sign.   The cloud formation in this photo also fascinates me.

Hackberry Texas area

Beautiful Pre-Sunrise

I caught this view on my Iphone the other morning when I came out of a store in Hallettsville.  The formation of the clouds caught my attention. It is impossible to catch scenes like this in their full beauty by any camera, but I think this is a fair shot of what I saw.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Petro Truck Stop - San Antonio

Petro Truck Stop - San Antonio
I stopped here the other day for a short break when I was travelling this road. It is still one of the more old fashioned truck stops around although Petro style. I remember stopping here in my early days of over the road driving. It was a virtual trove of treasure for a new driver. I bought my first CB here, a Cobra 25, I think.  Times have changed, the old style truck stops are almost gone; but Petro still reminds me of the old days of living on the road.