Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trucks and bridges

This is traveling on US 59 business near Victoria and looking at a truck traveling on US 59 South bound. I like bridges.   And trucks.   And both in the same picture!

Light in the Sky

This shot was taken near Austin on State Highway 130 recently. Light coming through clouds like this always gets my attention.

This highway is the new toll road/bypass around Austin. Speed limit on it is now posted at 80, with plans to update that to 85 in the near future. Sure makes our run to Dallas/Ft. Worth easier as we can bypass everything Austin.

Corpus Christi Bay/Ocean Drive

A view of Ocean Drive and the bay near down town Corpus Christi recently.

Ocean Drive Mansions

One of my favorite streets to drive is Ocean Drive in Corpus Christi. Here are some of the buildings you will see there on a recent drive along that route. Corpus Christi Bay is just to the left.

Oilfield Traffic

There is a lot of oilfield traffic in South Texas these days.  Here is a tanker on one of the roads close to Goliad, Texas with an interesting cloud formation overhead.