Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scenes of Yoakum Texas

 Yoakum is a railroad town. There are still old buildings along the tracks that were used in years past but are no longer in any particular use. These are old packing sheds that are still kept in repair. Packing...as in tomatoes. Yoakum used to be a big tomato growing area.
The current library is in this building across the street from the packing sheds and the railroad. It is an old power building or something and it has been refitted to be the library. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hackberry, Texas

The historical marker at Hackberry
Hackberry is one of those communities that somebody like me wouldn't even know was there unless there was a marker for it. But here is the marker, along Farm to Market Road 531 in Lavaca County south of Schulenburg.   I will include another photo of the area as seen from the highway looking east from this sign.   The cloud formation in this photo also fascinates me.

Hackberry Texas area

Beautiful Pre-Sunrise

I caught this view on my Iphone the other morning when I came out of a store in Hallettsville.  The formation of the clouds caught my attention. It is impossible to catch scenes like this in their full beauty by any camera, but I think this is a fair shot of what I saw.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Petro Truck Stop - San Antonio

Petro Truck Stop - San Antonio
I stopped here the other day for a short break when I was travelling this road. It is still one of the more old fashioned truck stops around although Petro style. I remember stopping here in my early days of over the road driving. It was a virtual trove of treasure for a new driver. I bought my first CB here, a Cobra 25, I think.  Times have changed, the old style truck stops are almost gone; but Petro still reminds me of the old days of living on the road.

St. Anne's Church

St. Anne's Church
St. Anne's Church is on 111 near Petersville. It is a beautiful older building that has been restored again recently. I think they have services there about once a month. The cemetery there is an active one and is frequently used.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Walgreens in Corpus Christi

24 hour Walgreens
This might not be in keeping with what I have been posting previously but it it something I did see 'Along a Texas Road'.   A new Walgreens store under construction on Staples. It also caught my attention because I will deliver to it when it opens.

Early morning in Refugio

Early morning at Refugio
Interesting cloud pattern mingled with early morning light over the taco place in Refugio.

Sunrise Over Ingleside

Coming from Refugio this morning I saw the effects of the morning sunrise over the area across the bay that used to be Naval Station Ingleside.

Point Comfort Texas

Here along the central Texas coast are a number of refineries and other large businesses.  I am passing by one of them near Point Comfort. The flame caught my attention as it is bigger than it normally is.  Places like this provide work for many people here in the Texas Crossroads area.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bastrop Fires - 3 Years Later

Shot these photos along 21 just a few miles outside Bastrop.  Still very obvious the damage from the fire three years ago.  Seems to me they cleaned up more along 71 but here along 21 there is still a lot of damage visible.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tree Lined Roads

This shot is along US 183/77A northbound between Goliad and Cuero. These are the kinds of trees that line this highway in this area. Maybe not the kind of trees that you would think are beautiful, but they have their own beauty and they create the special part of Texas that this is.   And, in a few months, this highway as many others in South Texas will be lined with wildflowers.

In a JAM?

Seen off of 45 in North Houston.  You might be in a JAM if this truck didn't do his job:  delivering gasoline to your local stations where you can keep your car humming like the fine vehicle it is.