Monday, August 29, 2011

What A Long Strange Trip Its Been

Having been an over the road truck driver myself for several years, I
have traveled a few long strange roads and trips myself.

Caught up with this truck on US Hwy 77 in Refugio, Texas. I am always
looking for trucks that are not like all the other trucks, trucks that
make you smile.

Superman Truck

This 'Superman Racing' truck was spotted on US Hwy 77 southbound
recently. What really caught my eye was the train horn in the back there
on top of the winch. I need a train horn for my little truck. It would
be really cool to get someone's attention with. Maybe even a bit

Highways and Trains

Beautiful ride southbound on Hwy 77 halfway between Victoria and
Refugio. Not a very clear picture of the train. But you can see how fast
I was driving!

Rain Near Wharton, Texas

Traveling eastbound on US59 near Wharton, Texas I spotted this rain
formation. It was a very localized rain as you can still see clear sky
even in this picture.

Corpus Christi Bay

Looking at the shoreline and out across Corpus Christi Bay from a motel
room overlooking the bay. Beautiful evening but still in the record heat
of the summer of 2011. Highs over 100 today across Texas.

You can see a freighter hauling in towards the Port of Corpus Christi.